Diesel Jeans Online Overstock Sale!


UPDATE: Welcome Diesel Jeans Lovers! Please be sure to check out a ton more posts about Diesel Jeans . We also have some great info on Designer Jeans Sales

Ah sample sales. If you don’t live in L.A. or NYC, you are out of luck. But not anymore, with sample sale sites popping up on the web! Yesssss.

I checked it out – and yes this site is legit. It’s ILoveSampleSalesOnline.com. Our members have shopped there and this site has been around for awhile – how did I not know?! At a sample sale you may only find one or two items in the same style and color, and often only sizes small and medium. This site has samples and also overstock. At an overstock sale you will find that there are many sizes available and possibly dozens of each item available. The current sale from Diesel is an overstock sale. Their sister site is ILoveSampleSales.com which will notify you of local sample sales in your city.

Also – while we are on the subject – here are links to some of our other favorite online sample and overstock sale sites and some info about their upcoming sales!

  • Gilt GroupeBotkier handbags (drool!) TODAY, Valentino on April 7th, and more! For this site, you literally have to get online the minute it starts or it sells out – just an FYI.
  • Regents Secret – Sharagano Dress sale going on now, also upcoming are RYKA, Trunk Ltd., 2BFree and Roberto Bianci Watches. I’ve bought Joe’s Jeans and 575 Jeans here before – they are great!
  • HauteLook – Scoop NYC shoe sale today, LaRok sale on April 7th. I recently got an order of Frankie B. jeans from HauteLook and they were all fab!

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  1. Why can’t it be Men’s Diesel . . . gaaahhhh it drives me crazy, girls get all the good Diesel’s

  2. Hot off the press! In a worl of uncertainties and current economic turmoil, everyone is anxious about loosing their jobs not to mention their shirt and pants! But don’t worry, Diesel comes to the rescue by offering “Diesel Black Friday Money”

    This thing is crazy, 30% off at Diesel Stores everywhere, and their actually going to be handing out bundles of this stuff all over NYC and Miami.. and you can go to their website to get the cash yourself if you aren’t one of the lucky ones who comes across the bills on the street.

    The Black Friday event starts this Friday April 17th and lasts all weekend, so hurry up and get there. Diesel’s helping us survive the crisis!