Colored Jeans are back and BRIGHTER than ever!



Just when we thought the colored jeans trend was over, spring comes around and they are back in full technicolor neon shades! Nylon Magazine featured the neon denim trend in their latest issue. Some of our favorite brands like Diesel and True Religion have followed suit but we are still unsure if we can pull of these super bright colors.

What do you think of this trend- would you wear a pair or are the colors too loud for your taste? Check out some of these new colored jeans from some of our fave denim-makers:

True Religions in Yellow

True Religions in Tomato

Hot Pink Diesel Jeans

Emerald green Rich & Skinny

Ksubi Jeans in Purple

Ksubi Jeans in Mango & Yellow

This blog written by HonestForum member SammieKat


  1. AHH you beat me too it sammiekat! I just got my NYLON yesterday and was going to write a similar article!

    don’t you LOVE the green jeans? That has to be my favorite!!

    nice post!
    I’d like to get myself some Dark Red jeans!

  2. who makes the pink vest and purple shorts? i love them.
    i never knew you could get cuddy in pink! i have the clush.

  3. Thanks Danya i couldnt read the small writing 🙂 I tried searching dollhouse and all that comes up is dolls houses lol where can i find it?