Celebs in Denim: Victoria Beckham in DVB jeans


Victoria Beckham was spotted at Heathrow airport on April 1st in a pair of her DVB collection jeans. Doesn’t she own any that aren’t so terribly ripped in back? Why do celebs insist on not hemming their jeans?


Photos courtesy Celebutopia.net

This blog written by the Editor, WeLoveDenim


  1. wow that wide leg opening really dwarfs the size of her already tiny legs! she’s so flawlessly skinny.

  2. i just noticed that she’s holding the kid with one arm.. wow she must be strong…. i know i’ll have a difficult time holding him like that…

  3. Lex I noticed the same thing when I saw this photo the first time! She has to have like KILLER arm muscles! and she’s so tiny i think she’s only like 5’3″ or something

    good lord!

  4. She’s not super strong…THOSE ARE MOMMY MUSCLES! LOL Mommy’s can carry their kids whenever they wear their power filled DVB jeans especially when they look that hot!