Celebs in Denim: Sophia Bush – Expert in Jeanetic Theory?

Check out this article from this month’s InStyle Magazine featuring actress Sophia Bush, a self-proclaimed “expert in Jeanetic theory”. I have to admit, the fact that she buys multiples of the same pair of jeans, hems them, and then categorizes and labels them by length (L for Long, S for Short) does qualify her as a denim lover for sure! Love her favorite picks too – including J Brand’s Lovestory jeans.



  1. You honestly think she pays for those jeans?? It was nothing but a big advertisement for the brands that shes “loves” and the online stores she shops on.

  2. /\ yea, i wonder how all the behind the scenes stuff works in hollywood. doubt stars have to pay for anything designer

  3. I am quite sure that many denim companies and other designer brands send out little swag packages to the celebs hoping they’ll wear them and be photographed in them, thus increasing their sales. It works I’m sure. I totally want a pair of J Brand Lovestory Jeans – they look super slimming on the celebs I’ve seen them on.

  4. ^Seriously. I never gave a second thought to J Brand until I started reading The Denim Blog. Which makes me wonder if there are any swag packages in store for TDB… 😉 😛

    And she’s a size 26! Glad to see a celeb with some meat on her bones!

  5. I wish there were! I’d already have a pair of Lovestory’s! Lol. I did email J Brand to see if we could get a few “giveaway” pairs for a contest for the blog but so far, nada. Stay tuned – contests coming, as soon as I can get some giveaways for y’all!

  6. ^no way is 28/29 fat. i expected her to be a 24 like every other young starlet out there, but i suppose that was too presumptuous.