Celebs in Denim: Kim Kardashian in Bongo jeans


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We announced a few months ago that Kim Kardashian is the new face of Bongo jeans, and now here she is at the launch party on Monday in L.A. for the 2008 Fall Bongo collection. Will you be buying Bongo jeans this season? I gotta say, if they would make me look like I have more of a booty like Kim, I’d consider it!


Photos via CelebrityBodyGossip.com

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  1. I wouldn’t call her fat, I’d call her normal. I’ve heard she’s actually about a size 2. She just has a butt and boobs! I don’t love the jeans but I do wish I had more butt like Kim!

  2. Before I started wearing DD, I had bongo jeans and after a few wears, they ripped up the ass. I wouldn’t be caught dead in them!

    And Kim is not fat!!! She just has normal curves and no one should ever have to be forced to go through drastic measures to get accepted by narrow minded people!

  3. She is certainly not a size 2. Not even an American size 2. What we have to realize here is that when a girl starts out with a Phat bottom, shes going to look like she has a phat bottom no matter what jeans we put her in. Good on Bongo for picking out a girl with some curves to make their jeans look good.

  4. She is a size 2 how Jennifer Love Hewitt is a size 2 lol.

    Keeping up with the Kardashians is a hilarious show, but if I had a business I would not hire Kim as the spokesperson. I don’t like what she represents/why she is famous…ahem.

  5. NO WAY!!!! I am a size 2 and my bum is quite smaller than that how is that possible i mean maybe she has a TEEEEENY waist, but how would she get her bum into a size 2?

    have you seen the ads they’re not flattering at all
    im glad she’s promoting curvier women but…. yea she cannot be a size two i’m in disbeliefe

  6. Um, having a butt and boobs do make up what your size is. You can say her waist is a size 2 (supposedly), but she isn’t. I agree, her outfit does look really cheap. She would never be caught dead in Bongo if it wasn’t for her being paid to endorse it.

  7. kim is plastic i just found out she apperently dosent have ass cheak implants but hey she looks like she has a normal butt in the jeans? so was i rite the first time???

  8. i dont care whether her boobs or butt is real…she has a nice body..u cant really tell in the last two pics..but shes pretty..and idk why ppl are hating…and so what if the clothes look cheap..im sure she didnt pay for them anyway..lol

  9. OMG You Guys Are All Jealous….You Guys Are Probably All Anorexic Girls With Nothing To Make You Look Hot Like Kim!

  10. you guys are really haters!! Kim K is one of the SEXIEST women alive!! I would drink her bath water. Seems like a very sweet woman..PLUS SHE HAS AN ASS THAT A BROTHER WOULD LOVE TO WORSHIP!!

  11. It’s not that Kim isn’t fine, any real dude would do her everyday. The thing is she is not a keeper, hit it and get on down,let her marry some old millionaire before he croaks, believe me that’s her plan. That is the plan for all rich Hollywood no talent party girls. That is how it goes when you get famous for letting famous people hit it to boost your status.

  12. The size you wear, is the size of your biggest measurement, I’m 6’1″ my waist is technically a size 5, but around my … I wear a 9, if they stretched alot, I could get a 5 on, but that would look ridiculous, people need to stop lying about their size and just be happy.

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  14. Kim is really pretty . Her body shape and style is so hot and fresh . her beauty is no. one . oleeeeey . bravoooooo .

  15. Any of you whosay she is fat and ugly are just haters. Kim is a beautiful woman, and if you ask any man, he will tell you that she has an amazing body. Hollywood has everyone believing that stick figures are beautiful, but they are just unhealthy. Kim is womanly, and looks like a WOMAN should look. All these stick figures look like little girls.

  16. kim is pretty she hav a big butt i have a big butt to n im notfat with it soo it is possible juz eat corn bread u skinny haters

  17. Kim u hav a very nice n big Butt… i luv to hav sex wit people lyk u… u really luk lyk a Dick sucking Bitch but anyway i luv ur Boobs, Butt n evry part of ur Body…