Celebs in Denim: Kate Moss in J Brand Lovestory Jeans


Kate Moss was spotted wearing a pair of J Brand Lovestory jeans in Jett wash in Malibu over the weekend. Again, celebs insist on walking on their poor, beautiful designer jeans – isn’t she super tall already? Heels or hem – these are your choices ladies!


This blog written by WeLoveDenim.

Photos courtesy Celebutopia.


  1. god I love comeback kate… she’s old as hell but she STILL rocks those photoshoots… I hear they spend a FORTUNE airbrushing her wrinkles but those eyes of hers are killer!

    She has great style too lovin the j brand!

  2. she’s only 5’6″? she can’t be because the min. height for models are 5’7″.

    i personally don’t mind seeing celebrities walking on their jeans without getting them hemmed. it looks a bit bohemian-esque lol…
    and they don’t have to sell them or anything after they are done wearing and liking them so they really are free to do whatever they want with them.

    she looks so hot in these jeans 😀

  3. “I think Kate Moss is pretty short for a model.” Yes???? That’s why she is the BEST and the older one that stil “in”……pretty short??????!!!!

  4. That isn’t Kate Moss. She rarely is in Malibu, of all place in the world, and she sure as hell wouldn’t be driving a chevy. That woman also clearly has a different face shape. Not every rich woman wearing designer jeans and rip off white Ray-Ban sunglasses is Kate Moss.