Britney Spears goes on a shopping spree at Paige Premium Denim


Superstar Britney Spears joined designer Paige Adams-Geller for a shopping trip at Paige Premium Denim – home to the designer’s famed jeans. The two spent just over an hour shopping at Paige’s Robertson Boulevard flagship where Britney chose about 9 pairs of jeans.

Joined by an assistant and two bodyguards, Britney wandered the store alongside Paige as the two chose jeans and tops to outfit the famed singer. Of her favorite picks were the Roxbury jean – a cigarette style pant available in two colors. She also picked up the Blue Heights in Black – a skinny jean in Paige’s ultra soft denim. Last but not least Britney chose the signature Laurel Canyon Boot Cut in the new McKinley wash. In addition to her denim favorites Britney chose 9 tops as well, two pairs of Abbot Kinney shorts, and the Sunset Leather jacket. I’m not usually a big fan of leather jackets but Paige’s is beautiful!

While the paparazzi came to blows outside (the police had to help Britney out of the store!) the real action was inside where Britney and Paige shopped away. Our sources at Paige say the pop tart was in a great mood and very sweet to the staff at the boutique while she shopped til’ she dropped.

By the way, in case you are wondering, Britney wore a pair of People’s Liberation jeans to the store, which she is spotted in often – will Paige replace her People’s Liberation collection?




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Photos courtesy I’m Not Obsessed and Celebutopia.


  1. I am neither celebrity (Britney, in particular) obsessed nor satiated, but really, who cares what one has bought? Show the photos of the demin on their behinds and stop. 2 of these posts in a row are just 2 too many, IMO

  2. the last post was about a pair of R&R… so technically it wasn’t two in a row… just sayin

    lol but thank you for your input!

  3. Lol^^^

    I don’t have a problem with the celeb posts- I enjoy them…
    Britney probably got all the jeans at Paige for free.

  4. I THINK EVERBODY DESERVES 2nd CHANCES AND HAS THE RIGHT TO SLIP UP ATLEAST ONCE IN THEIR LIFE TIME.i must admit that i am glad that brit bounced back,but im still abit pist off that she let herself fall that low.I STILL LOVE U THO BRIT.KEEP UP THE GUD WORK!

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