Celebs in Denim: Blake Lively in classic Levi’s

Actress Blake Lively was seen wearing Levi’s jeans at the Saturday Night Live After-Party on April 12th. I am in love with the dark wash – it’s really flattering on her. Word on the street is that Levi’s – the old classic – is the new “it” jean in places like California! And in local malls, new Levi’s stores are starting to pop up with higher price points. Could Levi’s ever replace your designer denim? And what do you think of Levi’s new lines, like the Capital E jeans, with a price of roughly $165?

Would you buy a pair of Levi's anytime soon?

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Images courtesy Celebutopia.


  1. This is really weird – I didn’t know who she was at first but I Googled her. The first pic of her looks like a pic of me when I had long blonde hair (my natural color). I have short black hair now, but I did a double take when I first saw it. You know what they say, everyone has a twin somewhere!

  2. wow that is crazy! but kinda cool! my cousin looks EXACTLY like me but a boy our fathers are identical twins but he and i look more alike that ANY of his or my other siblings it’s freaky… so i have a boy twin! lol

  3. I think it’s entirely plausible to think of Levi’s as designer. In North America Levi’s are your basic mall-store jean, but elsewhere in the world Levi’s are marketed as more more high-end!

  4. yea, levi has seemed to make a comeback in the past few years. it’ll be interesting to watch their higher end lines