Blue Goes Green: Eco friendly denim!



I’ll be the first one to admit that denim trends move so quickly that I can barely keep up at times. This past year alone we’ve all experienced the skinny leg, the wide leg, high-waisted denim and even colored denim. With all these crazy trends you can never be too sure what trends will have staying power. So what’s a person to do? No need to be blue, in honor of Earth Day today – why not go green?

Eco-Friendly denim is good for the environment for several reasons: it’s easier to dispose of when you want to get rid of your old denim, and the dyes are safer for the earth. During my quest to find environmentally conscience brands, I found this great guide about how to recycle your old denim. Here are some truly amazing environmentally friendly brands that I want to share:

J Brand Green Label. These jeans are not only environmentally friendly, but they come in a super cute organic tote bag. The bag features tips on how to live a more environmentally conscience lifestyle. Sounds like a great idea, people need to how to change their lifestyles and not just what they wear. J Brand Green Label Monroe jeans, $227 at Singer22


James Jeans’ use four eco-friendly denim techniques: they use only 100 percent organic cotton, organic dyes to color their jeans, natural latex to keep them waterproof, and organic olive leaf extract used during the finishing process.


Greencaste by Earnest Sewn is using techniques like air-drying jeans, replacing detergents with natural surfactants, and eliminating all resins from the 3-D finishing process.


Levi’s, Hollywood’s new ÔÇÿit’ jean, have come out with a new Eco line. Levi’s with the lowercase “e” are made from 100 percent organic cotton and recycled buttons, rivets, and zippers.


Linda Loudermilk. This denim goes above and beyond the usual pair of ÔÇÿgreen’ denim. Loudermilk’s jeans are antibacterial and anti-allergenic, yes you read that right! Loudermilk thanks Japanese paper and herbs, found in the fabric and tags, for this unique quality. I have never heard of anything like this, but it sounds quite amazing. How many people can say their jeans are ÔÇÿanti-allergenic’? Linda Loudermilk No Filth sasawashi jeans go for about $300.


Aoki Denim’s pants are made with organic cottons and soy and vegetable dyes. However, it’s the label’s name itself that may make the biggest eco-friendly statement; Aoki means “green tree” in Japanese.


Pine IV. Denim is made from the finest eco-friendly Japanese materials. A brand so comfortable you can sleep in them. Jennifer Garner is shown wearing them below. Pine IV is in partnership with American Forests, an organization that works to protect and restore natural habitats, “to implement a tree planting program in which a single tree will be planted for each of its Pine IV jeans sold in the US.” American Forests is the oldest and most respected non-profit organization dedicated to funding tree planting. Prices start around $145.00. Interested in getting yourself a pair? Check out Pine IV Jeans.

Want to be more “green” in everyday life? Check out Auto Blog Green for constant updates on companies and brands and their efforts to ÔÇÿgo green’. They have great tips and advice on how to live a more environmentally conscience life.


Also, check out ShopBop’s Eco Lookbook for more earth friendly products!


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