The great denim debate: To wash, dry clean or neither?


To dry clean or not to dry clean: that is the question. Many denim aficionados swear by dry cleaning their designer denim, while some prefer the cold wash and hang to dry method, and still others don’t wash their jeans for months at a time. Some Rock & Republic jeans have “Dry Clean Only” labels inside. I am guilty of just throwing mine in the washer and (shock!) dryer sometimes. In fact, I’ve been told that many dry cleaners will simply wash denim in a washing machine rather than actually dry clean them. What do you do?

Do You Machine Wash or Dry Clean Your Jeans?

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  1. Thank you for saying I!!!

    *I* do the inside out, wash cold and hang dry too…unless I am trying to shrink jeans

  2. If your jeans have been hand-painted, DO NOT wash them in COLD water – not even by hand = it will cause the paint to crack. Don’t wash them in hot water, either. Turn inside out and best to HAND WASH in WARM water with a very gentle detergent. If your machine has a proven ‘delicate’ cycle, you can try it…but best to hand-wash if unsure. Then hang to dry. Never put in dryer.

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