Ksubi High Waisted Checkerboard Jeans: Would you?


Whoa. Check out these new Ksubi High & Waisted Checkboard Jeans. Would you ever be brave enough to wear these? They are retailing at $325 on Tobi.com. They look like something you might see on the runway, but could anyone actually pull these off in real life?


They are part of a collaboration with style icon Jeremy Scott, these crazy jeans from beloved Australian denim line Ksubi are part of the coveted Jeremy Loves Ksubi collection.


  1. I think I could pull off something that crazy. I think they are selling it right. Of course you’d wear those to a concert or club…certainly not to dinner.

  2. I could probably pull them off, but I would hate people staring at me all the time. So, I wouldn’t wear them, although there is nothing wrong with them. Also not into the high rise thing…