Has Paper Denim & Cloth gone under?


We got an email tip that Paper Denim & Cloth has gone under, and that several Paper Denim & Cloth employees and designers have told our source its true. Can anyone confirm? The site PaperDenim.com is down. We will post if we get confirmation, but so far, this seems to be pretty credible. Interesting because Earnest Sewn was created by the same designer and founder as Paper Denim & Cloth, and Earnest Sewn just got a new financial backer and are set to expand…did they kill Paper Denim off in the process?


  1. Well I feel PDC went under after Scott Morrison left. PDC became a completely different product. No longer were you finding them at luxury good stores, or even higher end denim shops. In fact I can’t even recall a place where you could buy a pair in Canada for the last few years. From my understanding Scott Morrison left PDC and had nothing to do with them anymore so he could create Earnest Sewn. I don’t think the two companies are in any way affiliated. So I don’t think the financial issues over at Earnest Swen was the cause of PDC’s demise. I think it was just a matter of distribution, and not being able to pay the bills with what once was a premium denim line.

  2. What a shame, Paper Denim was great when Scott Morrison was there. They had a really great brand. Things took a turn for the worst when he left and the new designers came in. Quality and style suffered big time. Compare PD&C USA made denim to those made outside the states and you’ll see and feel the difference. Hopefully Earnest Sewn new brand “Earnest I Am” will take over PD&C price point.

  3. It’s just as well, my PDC jeans suck. I have only worn them twice and the rivets are popping out left and right.