Dolce & Gabbana Members Only Sale – up to 70% off!


Okay, how often does Dolce & Gabbana go on sale?! Like, hardly ever, so we had to share the news! Regent’s Secret is having a Members Only sale on Dolce & Gabbana now through March 25th! Get on over quickly as the best stuff always goes fast! If you aren’t a member yet, you have to be invited, but DenimBlog readers can sign up free here! They have D&G Skinny Jeans for $200 – regular price is $726! This is your chance to own some seriously designer jeans for the price of a pair of 7’s!


  1. Hate to be kind of a jerk/knowitall
    but Dolce and Gabbana is VERY different from D&G
    D&G is their cheaper more accessible label more directed toward their younger fans while Dolce and Gabbana is their premium label directed toward a more high end consumer.

    Dolce and Gabbana rarely goes on sale especially for this cheap but if these are in fact D&G jeans then save your money because Neiman’s has them on sale all the time for around $150! and Net-a-Porter has them on sale around $115 at the end of each season!

  2. The sale has Dolce & Gabbana as well as “D&G Collection” – the prices seem to be good. When you speak of denim on sale at other stores, are they the same as these, the $700 retail ones?

  3. Dolce & Gabbana does not go on sale often at least not their denim and not for 70% so that is a great deal

    I was commenting on D&G (if that was what you meant) you can usually get D&G denim for around $115.00 at net-a-porter at the end of each season quite a good deal if you want a pair… but they’re kind of very uncomfortable imo and they have a large rise about 9 inches on average but that’s actually kind of nice since you dont get a muffin top! lol

  4. hmm
    i thought the sample sale was ok
    nothing special
    just … meh
    the lace up sandals are really cute though =]