Diesel’s Spring and Summer ’08 Denim

While picking up a new pair of Diesel Lowky BC’s at the local boutique, I spotted these cute new cards that Diesel has put out showcasing their Spring and Summer ’08 line. Thought our Diesel fans might like these – too cute! Don’t they make you want to go shopping?!

Above: On her – Diesel Lowky and on him – Diesel Viker

Above: Diesel Cuddy

Above: On her – Diesel Doozy and on him – Diesel Revick

Above: Diesel Thanaz
Above: On her – Diesel Cuddy and on him – Diesel Thicar

More Diesel pics after the jump!

Above: On her – Diesel Joyze and on him – Diesel Heeven

Above: Diesel Zulow

Above: Diesel Pheyo

Above: Diesel Matic

Above: On her – Diesel Klune and on him – Diesel Viker

Above: Diesel Clush

Above: Diesel Clush


  1. I love the Joyze and Klune! Slim but relaxed. Tomboyish but still feminine.
    I always have loved their layouts, thanks for putting these up!

  2. Cute cards! I think that was a great shoot. I looked more at the jeans than at the models. It was clearly successful.

  3. THOSE CUDDY’S ARE HOT AS HELL! I just wish i could find the regular blue pair not the black one 🙁 but the black ones are hot too!

  4. I have a pair of Klune jeans and I am entirely satisfied with them! I absolutely adore them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. help me, please – i wanna buy a pair of Klune on the internet but i have a problem with the size…by levi’s slim fit jeans i always get 26/32 – would it be the same size by diesel?

  6. it’s Diesel’s Klune, a “boyfriend” style, slim fit but relaxed in tights, u have it here on the 3rd foto counting from down – collection spring/summer 2008

  7. Since it’s 2010 I don’t think the Klune is around anymore at all, I don’t know anything about it, sorry. They have a lot more boyfriend fits though that are new season 🙂

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