Celebs in Denim: Jennifer Love Hewitt in Lucky Brand Jeans


Jennifer Love Hewitt was spotted out shopping at CVS store in L.A. in what appear to be a pair of Lucky Brand Jeans. She is carrying the highly coveted Prada Fairy handbag…love! Hem those jeans though girl, do not CUT denim like that! Sheesh.



Photos courtesy Celebutopia.

Thanks to HonestForum members Vickaaaay and 2venus for helping us I.D. the jeans!


  1. i think jennifer looks good dont matter what. these people also look on the out side of people and not the inside.i f she want to gain or loose weight who are us to say anything about it.jennifer rocks skinny or fat maybe they should look at their wifes, daughter and family member an dget a grip.