Are Levi’s the new “IT” jean? Some sources say yes!


Are good old Levi’s the new “IT” jean? According to a global survey – yes. And how cool is it that Levi’s is doing the “green jean” thing by offering denim made from organic cotton?! Their cuts are updated to fit women nicely, like the one above – the Ultra Low Bootcut. Would you trade your designer denim for a great fitting pair of Levi’s? Is it all about the fit or the label?

LONDON – Levi’s came out as the clear global favourite in a recent survey about jeans, with more than one in five respondents nominating the brand as their preferred choice.

Market research company Synovate surveyed around 7,700 people in the US, Canada, Brazil, France, Taiwan, Korea, Malaysia, Serbia, Russia and South Africa.

Respondents were asked which jeans brand they would most like to own, price aside and with no restriction on answers, a third of people chose a global or designer brand.

Levi’s was the clear favourite with 45% of respondents in France voting for the brand. Around a third of all respondents in Malaysia, the US, Serbia and South Africa also chose Levi’s.

Thierry Pailleux, Synovate France managing director, said: “Levi’s is the jeans brand in France. It is seen as the authentic US brand.”

“The brand has an almost mythical status. In fact, one would say ‘I am going to buy Levi’s’, not ‘I am going to buy a pair of jeans’.”

The survey also looked at whether people noticed jeans brands on the street, or those worn by celebrities.

A total of 26% agreed that they keep an eye out for brands on the street, with South African respondents particularly focused on street fashions (62% agreed).

Malaysians are also brand aware with 44% agreeing they pay attention to street wear.

The least likely to notice what others are wearing are the French (89%), Canadians (82%) and Americans (80%).

The pattern was very similar when respondents were asked whether they noticed the brands of jeans that celebrities wear in magazines. An overall 26% agreed, with the highest results in South Africa (60%) and Malaysia (42%).

Hans Raemdonck, global head of decision systems for Synovate, said: “Perhaps with US magazines full of celebrity endorsements and ‘style watches’ people have become somewhat desensitised to the brands on famous bottoms.”

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  1. This isn’t exactly a fair article, at the very beginning, you posted a question whether jeans are about the label or the fit, and last I checked great fitting jeans and label are not mutually exclusive. That being said, I doubt most of us care what is the next ‘it brand’ is.

  2. You are right – but still its a fair question – what’s more important, label or fit. But being that our readers usually gravitate towards designer brands, if they found a great fitting pair of Levi’s – would you wear them, or is the label more important to you? I am hearing from some of our California readers that Levi’s are all anyone wears out there, which is interesting for the designer denim industry!

  3. I personally like Levis (and wear them on the regular in my rotation) but objectively speaking, I think alot of their denim is fairly conservative in terms of their washes and cuts. Which can be a good or bad thing depending on which way you look at it.

    Good in that they are definably timeless and can be dressed up and down in a classic sort of way. Bad, in that sometimes someone might want a little more flash in their jeans, and that’s where (for me any way) bands like True Religions and William Rast come in.

  4. I spoke to a few people who have been in the denim industry for years. they said they love classic levi’s. They are willing to spend hundreds and hundreds of dollars for an old pair.

  5. if you’re talking about Levi’s Japan (made in japan & better quality), then yes, they are quite in demand. otherwise, no, thanks.