2008 Jeans Trends – Confusing?


Jeans won’t be taking a backseat to your bikinis and board shorts this summer. Your trusted old denims are getting a bit of a makeover this season. Countless people have declared 2008’s jeans trends as “confusing.” We think not. Below is a lowdown on this season’s “jeannovations.”

1. Legs are getting wider. We can hear applause from women all over. Wide-leg pants, which are more flattering than the unforgiving skinny jeans, are going to be hotter than the scorching summer sun. Don’t think baggyÔÇöthink “controlled fullness.”

2. Staying skinny. Don’t throw out those skinny jeans just yet. If you’ve been loving your pairs, no worries. They’re not completely out.

3. Higher and higher. Those who hate low-rise jeans have reasons to cheer. Waistlines are getting higher and higher. Jeans that sit at your waist are back, helping create curvy, hourglass figures to those who wear them. Goodbye, muffin-top. Goodbye, nasty peeks at stranger’s underwear.

4. Raid your boyfriend’s closet. Or buy a pair that creates the illusion that you did. Straight-leg men’s denim are a hot look this season. They’re baggy, relaxed and ultra-comfortable.

5. Wear, distress, destroy. Slip on jeans that look like they’ve been broken in. Worn, distressed and destroyed jeans are sexy. But know the difference between looking like you’ve had some wild times with your pants and looking like you’ve been ravaged by a pack of wild beasts.

6. Who wears the trousers? You will. Denims get a dressier update this seasonÔÇöwith trouser jeans. They are a great addition to your wardrobeÔÇöclassic, stylish and can be dressed up and dressed down in an instant with the right accessories.

7. Color your world. This season’s jeans come in all colors of the rainbowÔÇöpurple, green, pink, yellow. Wear them loud, wear them proud.

8. Pack light. If you’re sticking to blue (or black) denim, try to go a few shades lighter. A pale blue wash will contrast beautifully with a dark-colored top.

9. If you’re brave, try white. Most girls think white pants are best left to the daring (and those who aren’t prone to spilling stuff on themselves). While good white jeans are hard to find, those who manage to score one are rewarded with a fashion piece that can go from sporty to sexy in a snap.

10. Ultimately, it’s still the fit. Skinny, boyfriend, distressed, wide-leg, trouserÔÇöit won’t matter if your jeans don’t fit well. The cuts and washes are secondary, the most important thing is to find a pair that suits you. A good fit never goes out of style.

Adapted from: ShowbizandStyle.Inquirer.Net


  1. Don’t let the runway shows confuse you. Sometimes the jeans in the shoes are not the ones actually produced. You will often see jeans in outfits, but the main focus will be everything except the jean. In the case of Diesel’s shows lately you will see a lot of monotone. All white, all black ect ect.. But a lot of the garments are not actually produced in those colors, it’s only for the runway show. However it looks like pale denim is going to be the next big thing. You see a bit of it this spring summer, and you will see more next season, and by next summer it will be full blown.

  2. I have a question is it okay if i could wear skinny jeans? because I’m chubby and short…

  3. Hello, my name is Evan Hammer and I would like to know if I could have your permission if using your picture in this blog for our high school newspaper publication, “The Spectator”.
    I am writing an article on how skinny jeans pose new health risks and need a cool picture of skinny jeans to go with it, and was hoping I could use yours. Of course all credentials would go to you and your site.

    Thank you.
    Evan Hammer.