Rock & Republic at Fashion Week 2008

Rock & Republic’s Fashion Week 2008 show in New York City was filled with mostly black and purple designs…which are gorgeous of course, but we were a bit dissapointed to not see ANY denim in the photos. Isn’t denim what they were built on? Guess they really are trying to diversify into other areas.

Rock & Republic Video @ Fall 2008 Fashion Week

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  1. Interesting to see them branching out…. but it makes me miss their denim a TON! 🙁

    This collection is a bit too Versace 2005 for me… they need to figure out their own style seems like they’re going for Gucci when they had Tom Ford or Versace rather than being their own brand… but I guess if you’re going to go for sexy then that’s the way to go!

  2. yea it is funny they had no denim in their line. i guess you start with designer jeans and if you can do that well you try to jump up to be a full fashion house.