Men who wear skinny jeans: Fashion Do or Don’t?


We found this article about Men’s Skinny Jeans to be funny. What is your take on men who wear skinnies?

Men run rakish risks when they go skinny with the denim:

When I went to Las Vegas a couple of weeks ago, I knew I would be exposed to a plethora of bedazzled warm-up suits and ill-fitting glamour, but of all the gaudy attire, one thing burned into my retinas: a young man wearing a pair of skinny jeans. I saw the emo kid while I was waiting at baggage claim, a dreamcatcher-like woven bag slung over his shoulder. His Jared Leto haircut brushed his brow with “I’m so cool” charm. But it was his super slim-fitting jeans that mesmerized me ÔÇö not in a good way.

When the reincarnation of skinny jeans hit the female market, I thought it was adorable. Seeing Audrey Hepburn in those Gap commercials was delightful.

But when men started to jump on this bandwagon, I started to get cynical.

In my imaginary fashion world, skinny jeans were made by accident.

One day, a designer wanted to make a pair of jeans. When he started making them, he got the measurements of the fabric wrong, which resulted in a pair of form-fitting pants. He slapped them on a popular socialite and they became a trend for women. Decades later, they were all the rage for men.

In a more logical explanation, the financial crisis of the country, believe it or not, has had an impact on the world of fashion.

Based on the runway shows at the recent Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, nearly everything was dark, fitted, short and cropped. From this, I have come to the conclusion that fabric and color are scarce. As a result, things are smaller, which explains the widespread skinny jean epidemic.

I have many pairs of slim fit pants, but the fabric isn’t leeching on to my legs like latex.

During one of my monthly shopping trips to Barneys New York in San Francisco, I decided to suspend my doubt and try on a pair of A.P.C. skinny jeans.

On the rack, the jeans didn’t look too constricting. The finish of the denim was immaculate and the tailoring was top notch, but then I tried them on. The fit of the waist was fine, but trying to ease into the pants was like forcing my legs into sausage casings.

When I finally got them on, I looked in the mirror. They were tight ÔÇö really tight. I laughed and took them off immediately. There is a thin line between a finely fitted pair of jeans and a pair of pants that could be mistaken for spandex. I crossed that line and then some.

A man has to have a slender, waif-like build in order to don a pair of skinny jeans. I discovered I don’t have that type of body ÔÇö neither did the emo kid at the airport. Let’s just say that his faded gray jeans were hugging him in all the wrong places.

The one man that who has pulled off the skinny jean look effortlessly is Euro-pop sensation Mika.

With his Freddie Mercury-esque voice and his peacock strut, he has been seen in skinny jeans in various colors of the Crayola box.

As for the herds of emo bands, I accept the fact that each man has a pair of skinny jeans for every day of the week. Besides, we are too distracted by their eye liner and emotionally hardcore lyrics to notice that their pants are painted on to their legs.

When it comes down to it, it’s all about personal taste. If you like to be bound by denim, more power to you.

Personally, I prefer to avoid the risk of infertility… “

So….skinny jeans on men…Hot or Not?

Skinny Jeans on men; Hot or Not?

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  1. i say a total fashion do… but only for some
    depends on the shape of the guy the length of his legs etc.
    some guys are so hot in skinnys others are hot in a boot cut just depends! Can be amazing looking on the right body type just like skinny’s for women!

  2. i honestly believe that it all depends
    on who is wearing them, men who have slim
    nice bodies pull them off so nicely.
    mind you i’m not too big on the skin tight stuff,
    just the really fitted jeans 🙂
    the skinny man pants have been trendy in asia
    long before it became a hit in more of the north side of the world.
    ..there is one thing i don’t quite understand…..
    what is up with emo kids wearing like mega tight skinnies?
    in really nasty colors too…i mean, as if they don’t look
    hideous enough, but now they have multicoloured legs ??

  3. Skinny jeans on guys is so nooooootttttt…unless you have the right kind of body and not a lot of guys do and its kinda nasty.

  4. I think they look good on guys if they have the right shape but big people and women shouldn’t wear them unless they can pull it off.

  5. Already been scientifically established that tight jeans won’t affect men’s fertility at all – that is a myth. It is a great look on men, with slim/muscular bodies that is.

  6. Hi,
    Iv just got into the Skinny jeans thing, though having a slim body helps from training!
    The skinny Jeans thing seems a bigger fascination over in Europe & Occeania for Males than in the UK. Furthermore, the average brit male in UK wears straight legged jeans, so its not like skinny jeans are taking over the planet…lol. Move on.

  7. I got 15 pair love them for some reason if a guy looks good in them it’s a bad thing. So guys wear what you like I do.

  8. I am slim, and yes I love wearing skinny jeans along with tee shirt. I love to go more and wear high heeled boots with skinny jeans, which adds to the leg length. Heels with baggy trousers don’t have the same look, but skinny jeans, Witt he cuff turned up and a modest heeled boot looks and feels awesome. I do not get any negative feed back

  9. This post is actually over 4 years old, it’s from 2008, so don’t worry about it. Skinny jeans on guys now are the most trendiest, I always see them, in fact I rarely ever see bootcut now. I must prefer slim and tapered fits, they are more slimming and fitting!

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