Kim Kardashian is the new face of Bongo Jeans

Kim Kardashian is replacing Vanessa Minnillo as the face of Bongo Jeans. We had to laugh at‘s take on the situation:

You mean to tell me that Bongo jeans hired professional ass Kim KardASSian to whore out their sh*t and they photoshopped her ass out?! That’s her only asset. Basically they could have just photographed her huge ass and nothing else and we would have known who it was. That’s a damn shame. Where’s the bongos?”

Does anyone think celebutant Kardashian will help raise the public image of Bongo jeans? The only time we remember Bongos being cool was when we were in middle school maybe…but those kids are wearing 7’s now too! We think the ads look nice but still don’t think we’ll be buying any Bongos anytime soon….


  1. bongo’s been working hard lately. we need to find a way to chart out denim sales. see who is struggling and who is booming. anybody have any idea on how to do that?

  2. I don’t think anyone could save Bongo.

    Dave- maybe keep an eye on stocks & reports. I have a ticker on my desktop with publicly traded denim companies like TR, Joe’s & VFCP which now owns SFAM- very interesting to see the daily changes.

  3. Curious hmmmm…… I’d like to know what their sales are also. More on quantity bought than sales earned. I’m curious who sells more pairs. I have not seen anyone wearing Bongo jeans in quite some time though……

    Awwww yes the red and teal jeans. They were the “hotness” *snickers*

  4. Bongo jeans are crap!!! Before I got into designer denim, I had some bongo jeans and they all ripped up the ass less than a dozen wears and the cut/wash is nasty!

  5. She’s pretty at first but gets really boring really soon.
    Bongo jeans are so not Premium and are f*ugly if I may say so…