Intimately Beckham by DVB ads making a stir!


First it was Rock & Republic jeans that Victoria Beckham partnered with to make her fame into a brand, now both Beckham’s join Coty to create Intimately Beckham His and Hers fragrances. Have you tried them yet and what do you think?

Well the ads are apparently causing a stir in the media, and not because they are super sexy! It’s being suggested that digital photography masters have given Posh a J. LO rear end via Photoshop! We do find it a bit funny that everyone’s talking about Posh’s supposed enhanced bum instead of what the scents actually smell like and whether they will be a hit or not…

What do you think? Should Posh stick to jeans or will this be a success? It seems to us that most celebs who’ve released a fragrance (ala Paris Hilton, J. Lo, Britney) may be dismayed to find out their stuff is being sold at over half off at discount retailers like TJ Maxx within a few months of the fragrance’s release.


  1. celebrity fragrances are such a joke to me. if anything, seeing a celebrity behind a perfume or cologne makes me NOT want to try it because it seems so cheesy.

  2. OMG everyone uses photoshop these days. if you don’t you are just plain stupid and bad at marketing.
    There should be no problems with Posh enhancing her bums lol it does look nice. xD
    I’m all for it! Go Posh!!! xD

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