In New York City during Fashion Week

Editor of the blog, Liane and Director of HonestForum, Dave met up in freezing New York City during Fashion Week and hit up Atrium, a really cool denim shop in Soho. We met one of the sales staff there who wore a pair of raw denim Nudies that he’s had for 5 years and only washed a few times by hand. They looked really cool, makes us want to try a pair! This is definitely a shop to check out if you are ever in Soho!


  1. aww i love this photo!
    and all those jeans! must’ve been a really lovely afternoon

    love that guys nudies can’t believe he’s gone 5 years… i wouldn’t have the self control i would have washed mine by then imagine how great those are going to look when he finally washes them!

  2. Liane, it was great seeing you!

    Yea, that guy Sam at Atrium is a really nice guy. He is surrounded by denim, but chooses to focus his style on the long-term wearing of his nudies, its quite impressive.