Celebs in Denim: Victoria Beckham shows off her DVB collection


Victoria Beckham attends a preview of the dVb Collection at Holt Renfrew on Bloor Street yesterday in Toronto, Canada. She showed off her Victoria Beckham denim and eyewear collections and signed autographs for fans. Can she just once, ONCE, smile? In the last photo, there’s a bit of a smirk, but just once it would be great to see a big toothy grin out of Posh.






Photos courtesy WireImage.


  1. You know I’ve been drifting further and further away from denim with loud back pockets (so to speak) but i still want a pair of dvb

  2. The last pic of her is nice, but the rest….please just smile a little! Someone please tell her that her faux pouts are not cute lol!
    Be a little more personable- you are trying to sell stuff you don’t want to scare everyone away!

  3. ??!! why would anybody write that?

    i don’t think its even spam. it looks like somebody really wrote all that out.


  4. why does she insist on looking pissed all the time =[
    i remembered we had a post on how she give a hug to one of her fans
    that was really nice of her =]