Celebs in Denim: Colin Farrell in True Religion



Spotted yesterday – Colin Farrell in what appear to be a pair of True Religion Joeys:

Colin Farrell was feeling gray from his fedora to his vest as he landed in London yesterday. The cigarette hanging out of his mouth is not attractive, but we’ll give him a bye after reading his sweet quote in a recent interview about helping to take on Heath Ledger’s role in The Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus. When asked about the part he will share with Johnny Depp and Jude Law, Colin said,

“It makes me feel uncomfortable to think about it too much and to get into it really here but it’s an incredibly painful honor to have, you know, and an honor I wish wasn’t bestowed but an honor nonetheless. It’s about getting Heath’s work out there, get his work out there, he’s too good for any of his work not to be seen, you know, and I’m really keen and looking forward to doing it and just doing the best job I can do.”

Even bad boy Colin can be humbled from time to time, and it sounds like he’s ready to give the film all he can to do justice to Heath’s memory.”

Source: PopSugar.com – click for more photos of Colin in his True Religion jeans.


  1. Is there ever a day when Colin Farrell doesn’t have a cigarette hanging out of his mouth?!?!?……………yuck!