Bulga launches a denim line available this month!

BULGA, the company known for its gorgeous handbags, is set to release a designer denim line, available later this month. The denim collection is definetely 70’s and 80’s inspired with its higher waistline and creased legs and booty-flattering yokes and pockets. The colors run the spectrum from light and faded to dark navy.

They are expected to be priced between $195-$300 per pair. You can find out more about Bulga at BulgaUSA.com






  1. None of those jeans are flattering. I wouldn’t bother wearing them, or even trying them on in the store. If the jeans don’t look good on the model, who will they look good on?

  2. Not only are their pieces awful, the owners are terrible people. I worked on re-designing their website for 6 months in good faith that I’d eventually be paid and got nothing. Natalia is unrelenting, uncreative and unprofessional. Everything from her logo to her styles are bad forgeries.

    Do your best to not buy anything from Bulga. They took advantage of me knowing I had no leverage. They have no integrity.