Be comfortable in your genes…and your jeans.


Rather than wondering, “Do I look fat in these jeans?” why not “be comfortable in your genes”? That’s the message of the 20th annual National Eating Disorders Awareness Week, which runs through Saturday. The group encourages men and women to cultivate a healthy body and body image.

As part of the effort, Paige Premium Denim is selling denim and silver bracelets engraved with the “Be Comfortable in Your Genes” message, available for $25 at All proceeds go to the National Eating Disorders Association.

True Jeans, an online jeans store, is offering a 20% discount for orders over $100 through March 31. Just enter MYGENES in the promotion code at checkout. True Jeans will donate $20 to the National Eating Disorders Association for every order.


Our question: Paige Premium Denim has recently begun carrying up to size 34 in jeans for women, about the equivalent of a size 14/16 dress size. Do you think Paige offering jeans in bigger sizes is healthy for women’s body images, or is encouraging women to embrace being a size 14/16 a health risk because that’s typically considered to be overweight? Are we embracing the fact that America is getting heavier, or are we still too obsessed with being model thin and thus encouraging eating disorders?

Thanks to HonestForum member Jessie!!! for the idea for this blog topic.


  1. * PM’s sevenkid a second time to see if he can put his money where his mouth is and write one good article.

  2. I never liked paige jeans but I have a new found respect for the brand! I think all premium denim lines should carry sizes for bigger women. It definitely promotes healthy body image.

    She’ll probably kill me for this… but my mother is an Italian woman and she’s had two children and is in her mid 40’s so by this time her metabolism has probably changed ten fold since she was a slender 20 year old. She is 5’8″ She fits a size 16 (it’s all in those Mediterranean hips of hers) and she dresses quite well but it is RIDICULOUS trying to shop for her. NOTHING is in a size 16 and i think it’s wrong… what is worse is she’s not even as big as some women in our country she is perfectly healthy and so are many other women her size or a bit larger. I’m glad to see this happening.

    And yes people are OBSESSED with their weight hell even I am from time to time and until I have baby weight left over from two kids I’m pretty sure I have no reason to be.

    wonderful blog entry

  3. I think they are DEFINATELY trying to reach out to the would-be fashionista’s who can’t usually be due to upscale lines not selling to the plus size couture craving market!

  4. Is the average woman really size 14?

    I kind of disslike that… because i’m a size 2 and some of my friends are a size 6 or a 10 etc.

    so shouldn’t it include everyone… no offense to you dave
    but i think people also forget that some women who are size 0 or 2 or 4 are that way naturally as well. and so are the ones in between… seems like they’re forgotten

  5. I think it’s great they are selling jeans in these new sizes. Women come in all shapes and sizes so why not make denim in more sizes too?

    I have to say I find it funny the emphasis is on worried that is won’t be setting agood example on being healthy and having a good body image.

    Not everyone who is a size 14/16 is unhealthy and not everyone who is a size 2-4 is heathy.

    I know there are plenty of size 2-4’s that are naturally that thin, but many are not.

    People seem to forget the dangerous lengths some girls and women will go through to be a smaller size.

    It’s not worth it to do serious damage to your body just to be able to say “Hey I wear a size 2”

    Look in the days of Marilyn Monroe,Jane Mansfield etc… Curves were celebrated and very much the norm. I personally don’t think those women were overweight or in a health risk category.

    The jean companies that ONLY make denim in certain sizes are doing damage imo by making it seem like women HAVE to be a small size.

  6. I was a size 12, now about a size 10. I have been a size 14 and 16 before. I’ve never felt “obese” by the meaning, I’ve felt “fat” before but only after a big supper hehehe I know a few size 14/16 women and they DO NOT look fat at all to me! Voluptuous is a better word 🙂

  7. Laine lovely blog entry I hope you can come up w/ more like this! i love these

    I think everyone makes a very good argument Barbie_AZ you said it best Jean companies having certain sizes are damaging and I can’t agree more!

  8. Comparison to someone else no matter what the issue is not good for self-esteem. Maybe, just maybe (but probably not) the fact that popular styles are available in the full rage of sizes will put people at ease with themselves a bit more. I have been the same size 18-48 and have felt too tall, too short, too fat, too thin, all the while the same old size. Jeez.

  9. I think it is awesome that Paige has denim up to a size 34. Just because someone is bigger built doesn’t mean they are unhealthy or lazy, along with many terrible stereotypes that are around. Every person has a right to be able to buy nice clothing without being excluded or discriminated because of a size number.

  10. ^^Well put. I have friends who cant wear designer denim because they cannot ‘fit’ into the biggest size. (..and also the smallest size) It is really damaging. I commend Paige.. Now i wait patiently for other brands to expand their size range! 🙂

  11. I wonder how many brands just feel like they won’t be as “cool” if they offer bigger brands. It’ll be interesting to see Paige’s lead in this.

  12. … U know I’m not sure that other companies will follow suit it would be AWESOME but I cant see all brands doing that… maybe some… but the sad truth is i don’t think they care

  13. In regards to this awareness, my heart goes out to the ED sufferers or just anyone who struggles with their body image in general. I wish i could put a big bandage on the world sometimes. :/

  14. Nova,

    I think other companies would if it was perceived to be “cool”. Just like how so many companies try to “go green” because its the cool thing to do.

  15. ^ i hope they start to then!
    maybe it will make paige extremely cool and sales will boost and that will cause other companies to follow suit which would be amazing!

  16. Well, I agree with what most of you have already said. Larger sizes doesn’t equal to unhealthy. I have three kids and wear a size 4…I guess that’s just how my “genes” are…my mother is petite as well.

    My daughter is 14 and wears a size 12 (women’s). She is very active having played soccer for 7 years (year round). She eats healthy and maintains her weight. Everyone on my husband’s side is heavier, so I assume she gets her “genes” from him.

    I actually purchased a pair of Paige jeans for her because they are one of the few companies that cater to the curvier women. I commend them for taking this step and hope the trend continues.

    Thanks for this topic…I love reading the comments.

  17. I am a size 12-14 for the first time in my life due to a recent pregnancy and the only designer jeans I can wear right now are Paige, Rock and Republic and Joe’s. It’s bad enough to feel “fat” compared to what I used to be like just last year, so I don’t need the added humilation of not being able to wear what I like.
    Also, I’m in good physical shape since I exercise almost daily and got an “A ” from my doctor at every recent visit. I hardly ever get sick! S I don’t really think that being a little overweight equals bad health.

  18. I’ve also been a variety of sizes and can tell you it really hurts when you can’t wear something you want too. There is such a stigma of being “plus sized” and I’m glad that some things are being changed…there is so new great plus sized stores coming out with great stuff! I’m no longer plus sized but can honestly say that it feels FANTASTIC helping my plus sized mom find an outfit that fits her well and isn’t a freaking tent.

    I hope more companies come around and start catering to people of all sizes. I think that when brands like True Religion offer a size 42 for men, but stop at a 34 (or is it 33?) for women it really says something…and not something good!

    Everyone really needs to just start loving themselves (me included). While that’s a pretty novel and overly optimistic idea (and prehaps unobtainable)we really need to start judging ourselves by our own standards and reach become what is healthy for us. I cannot imagine being a size two, it’s not right for me.

    Go Paige! I hope other brands follow suit because I know more than a few ‘bigger girls’ who are dieing to get into a pair of True Religions!

  19. “Do you think Paige offering jeans in bigger sizes is healthy for women’s body images, or is encouraging women to embrace being a size 14/16 a health risk because that’s typically considered to be overweight?”

    Are you frickin’ serious? I’ve been somewhere between a 12 and 16 most of my adult life and while I’m a little overweight, I’m not even close to being obese. I do not have any health problems. People like you think anyone with more meat than a skeletal model or actress should be wearing potato sacks and ugly mumus. How dare the rest of us want to look fashionable!

    Paige’s regular size 34 is still too small for women with wide hips and bigger booties. However, Paige has made true plus sized denim (14W-24W) for Nordstrom. I own three pairs and I love them. There are two new styles for spring available now on Nordie’s website.

    In addition, Saks Fifth Avenue’s Salon Z is carrying James Jeans in plus and has plus-sized denim from Yanuk and Antik. (I own a pair of the Yanuk jeans and they’re fantastic.)

    Then there are plus-only premium brands like Svoboda; I own several pairs and I highly recommend them.

  20. Please re-read the question. The word obese was not in the question that was posed, nor did I express an opinion. 🙂 The question was meant to start some conversation on this topic as I know it is a slightly controversial one. Some people do think only skinny people should be wearing designer clothing. I am not one of them – and it seems like most of our readers here like what Paige is doing too!

    I’ve actually been a 10/12 most of my life until recently I lost a little weight – but size 32’s SFAM’s barely fit me when I was a size 10 due to having wide hips – which I hated. I think its great that Paige is carrying bigger sizes. I also like Joe’s because I find they run a bit bigger even if they don’t go past a 32. I noticed also that SFAM recently started making 33’s in women’s in some styles. 🙂

  21. Sfamk makes up to a size 36 so I’m told! I personally have seen a size 34.
    I think its great! If I were a denim company I would want everyone to be able to wear my product.