Video on the making of 7 for All Mankind jeans!

Check out this video taken at the 7 for All Mankind factory and learn what goes into making the perfect pair of denim jeans. This video also illustrates all the steps it takes to make a pair of higher cost of premium denim jeans. Wow – makes us feel not so bad about spending $200 on jeans when you see that they actually do make them by hand!


  1. i think there is a similar video for nudies jeans…gotta find that one and put it up in the future as well.

  2. Wow, not a single white person in that factory except the management. Are you sure they are made in the US and not mexico?

    Paying below minimum wage for making cheap american denim still isn’t worth $200 when compared to Diesel/Nudie/Replay who use skilled denim craftsmen with Italian labor rates (2-3x) who charge the same for jeans which also look 10x better…

  3. At least SFAMs fit me well and they are made with love. I don’t like Diesel fits on me and feels against my skin. At least they’re not shitty Hollister/Abercrombie/Gap/Levi’s/American Eagle made in Mexico/Brazil/Guatemala/China/Cambodia/Vietnam with child/sweatshop labor…

  4. Seven does make jeans in Mexico. I just picked up a pair without looking at the tag, but they only set me back 90 bucks. I haven’t spent over $135 on a pair. Now then you have mexican seven jeans, but you also have US made jeans using mexican fabric (true religion). So you get something mexican either way you look at it. At least the quality hasn’t deminished on a mexican made jean, so I don’t really think people need to worry about it that much. Mexican laborers are known to do good work anyways.

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