Trend forecast for 2008/2009

Wondering what the new trends are going to be in later 2008/2009? Straight from the fashion insiders over at FashionSpot where many fashion insiders post, here are some of what we should expect to see in the next year or so.

Menswear: Lightweight fabrics. Colors: red kiss, meteorite, mauve smoke, oxblood, creme cassis, sidereal, ink, humus, turtledove. Aspects: plastic & metallic, structures, semi-transparency, also: stripes on weaves, tennis, banker styles, think Prince of Wales.

Across the board: Eco-friendly fabrics like recycled polyester, recycled wool, recycled denim.

Fabric finishes: shiny, whether smooth, plastic of scintillating. Also water resistant woolens. Revive the warming light of cosy interiors in winter and the rich, expressive colourfulness of leather and woods reflect a scale of warm brown and golden shades. Leather pants become more prevalent again along with leather jackets remaining popular.

Intensive colours like red, pink, violet or green shine have a monochrome shine, like lights in the city. They define new volumes, provide rhythm for graphic or accentuated sporty looks.

A decided modernity stylishly points clearly to the future. Fashion makes use of current technologies to improve textile functionality and to find stylistic forms of expression previously unknown.

In jeans – the skinny jean will live on, as well as the slightly higher waisted, wider leg varieties will be back for awhile.

What other trends do you think will be big and which ones do you hope will die out fast? Personally, we won’t be caught dead in leather pants, but then again, some people can rock them!


  1. Have you tried them on? I was pleasantly surprised. I’m not talking super-high waisted, but about a 9 inch rise…I have a pair of 575 high waisted wide legs and they look nice.