Seven for all Mankind Jeans vs. Rock and Republic

seven jeans vs. rock and republic jeans

So what say you, is Seven for all Mankind still on top, or has Rock and Republic come along and become more of a favorite for you?

Feel free to hit up this post on HF to discuss it even more.

Who do you like better, Seven Jeans or Rock and Republic?

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  1. I never had any rip on me UNTIL I posted that blog. I think I jinx’d myself. DARN IT! Good thing I know a good seamstress who is going to fix ’em for me.

  2. I actually had a pair of led vargas start to fray in the bum, and all it took was a patch… I LOVE my R&R’s!!!
    I’ve never liked how sfam fits it’s not sexy or that flattering it’s a classic yes and it’s comfortable but R&R knows how to make a girl look hot!

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