Joe’s Jeans has jumped on the handbag bandwagon!

Joe’s Jeans seems to be the latest denim company jumping on the “let’s make handbags too” bandwagon. However, their handbags seem to be in a much better price range ($300-$450) than competitors like Rock & Republic, who’s handbags are priced at $800+. We like the rugged exteriors of these! You can find these bags and more at


  1. … kinda tacky… but so are R&R’s and they charge nearly $900.00
    I dunno I think only people who are DIE HARD fans of a brand or just plain lable-whores would purchase bags like these…

    Other than denim (obviously) I prefer not to flaunt any labels I own it’s just tacky

  2. it seems like these companies start with denim and then try to turn it into a whole line.

    time will tell how it goes.

  3. ^ well i think that a ton of companies stick to what that good at then branch out as u said… like vera wang did wedding gowns now she’s into evening wear and menswear and shoes!

    it’s def interesting to see them evolve!

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