GUYS – Do: Affliction T-shirts. Don’t: Affliction Denim.

Affliction Denim

Is it just us, or did Affliction miss the mark on their denim line? We LOVE buying Affliction T-shirts for our guy, but somehow their denim line is a little too ghetto-fabulous for us. Thoughts? If you do actually like them, they are available at eModa.

We prefer our guys in a pair of Seven’s or True Religion’s, the pic below makes us drool a little. Nothing makes a guy hotter than some artistic tattoos and designer denim. Yummy!

Guy in True Religion Jeans


  1. If you have no ass affliction denim can be bad, but for those of us guys with that “GHETTO” bootie they aren’t so bad… I have 2 pair, and love them as much as my Sevens. They aren’t for everyone true, and a 32×32 in one style is not a 32×32 in another just an FYI…

  2. Sorry. Time for all to update. Graphic T’s are over and dated. They died the first season of Jersey Shore.
    New Rule: No Affliction ever.

  3. the t shirts are douchy too. 90% of the designs are aweful. enough snakes wrapped around cruucifixes and bald eagels and all.
    then even if you find a shirt that is not aweful you will be typecast and stereotyped cause most guys who wear the stuff are cookie cutter.
    fake tan, tribal tats, say bro alot, possibly on steroids….