Earnest Sewn Jeans Sample Sale!

earnest sewn

If you haven’t signed up for the Gilt Groupe yet, you need to! You have to be a member to shop these sample sales. Starting January 9th at 12pm, they are featuring Earnest Sewn jeans. Your best bet is to get online early because the most popular sizes and styles will go fast! More about Earnest Sewn…

Earnest Sewn Making Waves in the World of Denim

Arguably the best American denim line produced today, Earnest Sewn was launched by Scott Morrison (former co-founder and designer of Paper, Denim & Cloth), who today serves as the Founder, Creative Director and Head Designer. Morrison founded Earnest Sewn in response to the assembly line production dominating the denim market at that time. Morrison and his team revolutionized the world of denim by adopting the philosophy of Wabi-Sabi, the Japanese design principle that translates as the ÔÇÿproduct sewn in earnest.’ Adherence to the Wabi-Sabi philosophy ensures that every pair of Earnest Sewn jeans is a uniqueÔÇöa priceless commodity and a “limited edition”. In fact Morrison literally signs off on each and every jean produced by Earnest Sewn (but you might need to search for it).

In fact we heard that fashionistas are scouring the globe for Earnest Sewn. It’s no wonder that these are the “go to jean” for Heidi Klum, Courtney Cox, Mischa Barton and, now through Gilt Groupe, YOU!


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