Dry & Raw Denim Lovers: Some sales for you!

April 77 jeans

Dry or Raw Denim is an unwashed denim treated with indigo dyes. Due to the nature of indigo dyes, the color fades and bleeds quickly. For those uninitiated with dry denim, one should try to wear the jeans as often as possible and post-pone washing them for as long as is tolerable (6 months to a year). The end result is a completely personal wash that denim designers constantly strive to reproduce. Take care around as these may bleed on white shoes and tops.

Check out the sale going on over at DenimBarOnline.com They have April 77 Joey Overdrive jeans in 1955 Dry for $75.00 and Denimbirds for $46.25 and lots of other great raw denim sales! Also Aqui is having a sale on its Nudie Super Slim Kims for $110.00 which is a great deal as they’re usually around $154!

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