Diesel in 2008: The Yoka Jean

If this look catches on, the muffin top will be a thing of the past, which we can’t complain about!

Diesel releases for 2008 the Yoka jean. This effect screams “look what I have just thrown on”. It’s an oversized jean with a paper bag waist that cinches. Large pleats are placed with a wide denim sash tie to create a new center of focus on the waist as the focal point.

The higher waist came back in 2007, and this look has a 1940’s glam feel mixed with a little 1980’s fun going on – so this look just might catch on! What do you think? It’s definitely figure-forgiving for those of us with tiny waists and more junk in the trunk!

Read on for more photos of the Diesel Yoka jeans for men and women.

Photos & text from Diesel’s website:

Finally a pair of jeans that look a bit different!! They can invade my closet anytime. I love all the 1940’s cinched waists and its so cool that I can get the look in denim. Just when I’ve dieted and debauched my way to svelte thighs I finally have the excuse to embrace my curves again.

Men have got in on the act too. We like them large – the pleats that is. They have quite a sporty vibe ‘teamed’ with the polo-shirt! I’m sure they’ll be a welcome change from the second-skin denim guys have been. Its definitely time to gather round the boys…”

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