$25 off Men’s Diesel jeans at ILoveSampleSalesOnline.com!

Diesel jeans (for men AND women!) from $49.99, Juicy Couture, Gucci, Dior, oh my! They have great sunglasses, jeans, or perhaps a Juicy tracksuit to stay warm and cozy in this winter! Get on over to ILoveSampleSalesOnline.com and enter code ilovedenimblog at checkout and receive $25 off on Diesel men’s jeans! Also they now have $1 shipping on a single item! Sweet!


  1. Thanks for the heads up but the discount only applies to “certain items.” I’m not even sure which ones, but it woulnd’t let me apply it to the Diesels I want! boo!

  2. ^Yeah, I got that too…but still ordered anyway. Too bad the shipping’s so expensive. Otherwise got a great deal on some Lowky 89Ls for my girl.

  3. The prices suck azz besides womens diesel jeans. The mens are $100 more and the Juicy Couture is more $$$ then you find in a department store!

  4. yah the prices for the women’s diesel jeans are sick!!! the men’s prices are good and so are the prices for the sunglasses… the juicy – wow too expensive 🙁

    anywhoo got a pair of matics – sweet!!

  5. they inflate the retail price of the juicy to make their prices look good.
    for example the juicy grey hoodie’s retail price is not 118. its 98. most stores dont even charge shipping and there are tons of coupons to use. they don’t even have matching pieces. pass on the juicy.

  6. yah the juicy is crazy, not a good deal 🙁 the retail prices are probably like they are cuz they are in canada…. we have totally different prices here.

    i’m stoked about my matics!! never seen a better deal on diesel jeans for women!!

  7. is it just me, or is the juicy selection not even that great either? the women’s diesels are a steal though.

  8. a little advice on diesel sizing? I own a pair of Diesel Hush’s in 29… but I usually wear a 27 in True Religion, Citizens, etc… Do all Diesel jeans run 2 sizes off? I’m really interested in the Matics.