Posh ordered to wear her DVB jeans more often!

Victoria Beckham in DVB

No one tells Ms. Posh what to wear, so says one of her publicists!

But according to the Mail on Sunday, Victoria Beckham HAS been ordered by her advisors to wear her new DVB jeans line in public more often!

Victoria Beckham parted company with U.S. jeans firm Rock & Republic to launch her own denims earlier this year.

But now it seems Posh does not like her jeans enough to wear them.

In fact, she’s been seen in them so infrequently that her advisers have told her that she must now wear only her own DVB Style brand when she goes out.”

Wow. She used to wear her R&R’s all the time – wonder why she won’t wear her new line as much? She obviously knows by the success of the R&R Crown jeans that her being seen in public in them has a big part in their popularity! You can find DVB jeans on sale at E-Moda.

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  1. this is an interesting post. i think i would hate to be told what to wear, but then again i wouldn’t mind the big paychecks that probably come with those agreements.

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