First pair of Non-Designer Jeans in over three years!

charlotte russe jeans

It was about three years ago that I REALLY started getting into designer jeans. I sold them on Ebay, and rationalized that if I sold several pairs, it wouldn’t hurt to keep a pair for myself here and there. Well yesterday at the office, I ripped a hole right in the booty of my brand new Rock & Republics (bought from a reputable seller on Ebay so I can’t even return them, dangit!) I said to myself, that’s it, at my office we are moving to a new building and I am packing and I’m going out and buying some cheap jeans to move in, no more ripping my expensive denim! So I found myself at Charlotte Russe in the mall and I was actually pleasantly surprised. I got a pair of their Amber Dark Wash Trouser Jeans which are nice for the office and not too low-rise, as well as a pair of their Opal Ultra-Low Rise Jeans (which are actually not that ultra-low on me). In total I spent $50, because they are buy one, get one half off. DEAL. Can’t buy even one pair of my designer jeans for that!

But still, it felt really weird buying non-premium denim for the first time in three years. I almost feel guilty for spending so little and actually liking what I got. But I have to say, they look good!


  1. AWWW congrats! ^_^
    If I found a great pair of non designer jeans that looked hot and felt great they’d SO be mine! Def don’t feel guilty… the difference between you three years ago and you now… is that you know a good pair of denim when you find it 😉

    hope u love them!

  2. hmmm i’ve bought plenty of designer denim under $50 and i haven’t so far had a problem with ripping [thank god]
    but it’s good to hear that you are enjoying your purchase.
    i mean that’s all it’s about right? 🙂

  3. Long as you got some toot in your booty girl! That’s what we are looking for…..

    Momma’s waitin’ with patches!

  4. Charlotte Russe has some of the cheapest throw-a-way clothes. I bought a pair of jeans from there and the hem was coming out of them by the first wear.Cheap is good and bargains are great but not their bargain.