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Have you ever wondered what a month is like in the life of a denim maniac? Chicken (pictured above) was the first member of the Dirty Dozen + 1 project which sees 13 people consecutively wearing the same pair of jeans everyday for one month each before passing it to the next member. The jeans are already well travelled and have made it to ball games, amusement parks, to the seaside, and central park in a just a few weeks. Denim maniacs know that the only way to wear raw selvedge denim is to wear it often and never wash it so that the denim develops natural wear and incredibly unique features like a patina, whiskers, and honeycombs. When the Dirty Dozen + 1 jeans are finished in late 2008 they would have had 13 continuous months of everyday wear!

Thanks to gizmokat for this blog, taken in part from the Evisu Traveling Pants Blog.

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