introduces jeans for skinny women sizes 23-27!

clubskinny jeans

As if Size 23 women didn’t have it good enough – hello, you are a size 23, biatch! Just kidding (from our editor, Size 29). 🙂 Now there is – specializing in jeans for girls size 23-27. We get why this company exists, but what do you think of the jeans?

Check out the article on ClubSkinny on Reuteurs.


  1. …I’m a 27 and I’m not skinny! Seriously, those jeans are ugly, who’d want to buy them anyway? Maybe it’s good for the smaller sizes who have a harder time finding jeans… I don’t really have a problem with selectively selling certain sizes… I find it interesting that they are bading their jeans as being for the “skinny,” like instead of being a sign of social status $$ they’re using weight (or lack there of)

  2. Damn I am a 28 *sarcasm*
    Those jeans are ugly and remind me of mom jeans. And numbers doesn’t mean your skinny. I have seen people who are tiny sizes that are all flabby but toned, sexy women wearing a size 31.

  3. Thank Goodness! We hear all the thime “I’m big and beautiful”, and we accept all the plus size stores (leaveing the small sizes out). It’s about time someone has the guts to say “I’m skinny and I’m beautiful too”. I am a size 0 and if had a dollar for everytime I got dirty looks while shopping, asking it they have this in a smaller size, I’d be rich. Congrats Clubskinny! Do your thing! p.s. I went to the site and checked out all the jeans…..funny that the pair they choose to show are the one pair that are described as being a traidtional style to wear to the office…..not the hot Breathless…….hmmmmmm

  4. You know…. I was in this club for about 2 seconds once…. literally… I really like those jeans…. at first I thought… ewww mom jeans but then I thought nope those are hot… I am gonna buy me some mom jeans.

    Skinny chicks already have no problems at least where I come from…those are the jeans already left.

    All the big girls like me already picked up those jeans.

  5. What i have noticed about all the bad comments is that they are all from girls who cannot fit into these jeans! I am a size 0 and i love these jeans! I went onto the website and i looked at the breathless style that someone else had mentioned, and they ARE hot! The ones in the picture above are the more traditional pair. I love them too though. WAY TO GO CLUB SKINNY! Thanks for sticking up for us tiny girls. oh and by the way…MOM JEANS?!?!? Maybe on a plus size!

  6. Are you kidding? I am a very small size 23, but usually a 12-14 in girls. You know how HARD it is to find jeans that fit me without cute little butterflies on the butt? I hate being a difficult size!

  7. Oh no offense but they are ugly. They’d look a lot better without the weird “V” in the back on top of the pockets!

  8. I think it’s a good idea. Being a 26 I guess I’m an in between size but they need to update and do more skinny jeans, skinny jeans look hot on thin women as well as the curvier woman.

  9. HI there, I am 27 years old and weigh 90 lbs. I am 5 foot 2 inches and NEED jeans! I am so glad that FINALLY someone out there made jeans for SKINNY people. Yes I said SKINNY. I am so SICK of the over weight people doing all the complaining about jeans and getting about 5 billion plus size stores. It is just as hard if not harder for really tiny people to find flattering jeans. I am not sure if I am going to try these yet because I am not a huge fan of the V in the back, and I think the pockets need to be smaller and higher on the butt… but I LOVE that they have a rise of 5.75. AMAZING!!!! PS I have had a baby and she is 14 months old… so all the over weight people need to stop crying and moaning and do something about their situation!!!

  10. I love the V in the back. I haven’t heard of these jeans yet, but I’m all for more and more jean types. AND these are so not mom jeans. Perhaps a bit more casual, but not mom jeans.

  11. Let me start out with the fact that im an adult male. Im 31yo, weight 120lbs, am 5’9″, have a 22″ waist with a 32″ inseam. Does anybody know where a guy, my size can get jeans that are meant for males and aren’t skinny jeans? I can’t find my size in the boys or teens section because they are all too short.

    I have even tried womens jeans sizes and I know that I fit J.Crew size 000 jeans but they are so darn tight in the legs.

    Someone please help me.