Rock the Cure. Finally, a cause worth buying $250 jeans for!

Rock the Cure

We love it when we find out about do-gooders like Michael Ball, founder of Rock & Republic.

“Founded earlier this year by R&R CEO and creative director Michael Ball, Rock the Cure is Rock & Republic’s new amazing philanthropic division. Ball found himself unimpressed with the charitable donations and efforts of other companies and corporations, and decided to do something a little drastic. Having created one specialty item for each one of the R&R collections (everything from jackets to denim to footwear), 100% of the profits for each special item will go directly to a charitable foundation. The ’07/’08 cause will be none other than City of Hope, a medical center geared towards treatment and research for those with cancer and other life-threatening illnesses. In addition to proceeds from sales, Rock & Republic will be holding a series of events to fundraise for the center, including film festivals, intimate dinners and concerts. ‘Rock the Cure’ reflects Michael Ball’s vision for corporate philanthropy, and by setting a precedent, he’s a pioneer in the movement to eradicate life-threatening diseases.”

We applause Michael Ball. He’s not like every other company out there slapping a pink ribbon on their product to increase its marketing power while only contributing a tiny percentage of profits to the actual cancer foundation. The profits from Rock the Cure go 100% to the City of Hope. Awesome. Mr. Ball received the prestigious Spirit of Hope award for his efforts from the City of Hope. You can learn more about City of Hope at

If you’d like to help by buying a “Rock the Cure” product, check them out at

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