Tragedy: What to do when your fave R&R jeans rip!

Ripped Rock & Republics

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TRAGEDY! When your favorite pair of Rock and Republics RIP!
If this has happened to you, you are NOT alone.

We (the lovers of Rock and Republic) have noticed that certain washes of Rock and Republic to be prone to ripping. This does not pertain to all washes but only the examples that we have been given based upon occurances in the past.

There are steps you can take to get them replaced by Rock and Republic and not have to write them off as a total loss, provided that they were purchased from an Authorized Retailer.
1. Receipt – You will need to provide a receipt from an authorized retailer such as Nordstroms, Bloomingdales, Saks Fifth Avenue, etc. I have heard that receipts from Saks Off Fifth and Nordstrom Rack do not work, but I would double check since a brand should always stand behind their products.
2. Form – You will need to fill out a form that may be attained from Rock and Republic and fax in the form along with a legible copy of the receipt. Rock and Republic will then contact you with futher instructions. (The form is also available via one of the links listed below.)

Tragic it may be however this will never deter me from wearing my favorite brand! I personally have never had any issues with my Rock and Republic Jeans *knock on wood*. I love the gorgeous washes and beautiful pockets that Rock and Republic designs and will continue to wear them!

For further information about known washes that have incurred damage, please reference the following links:
Rock & Republic Rip Guide


  1. You get some (soft-ish)fabric and sew a patch in there and rock them! For non sewing machine users they sew iron on “stitching”. Or liquid stitch as well!

  2. hey, this can happen to all jeans, no matter the brand. as i’m working in this great and crazy industry, sometimes it is used a special treatment to make all these super effects we all love. there is a way to check it before you buy it: try to rip a litlle bit at the bottom hem, if it breaks/rips do not buy it. it will rip sooner or later in any place. this is the way how the production people check it….

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