Raw denim – and cheaper too!

Good Society Denim

We had a suggestion from an HonestForum member that we should do more posts about raw denim! In particular, we like Good Society’s denim. It’s a raw organic denim and is much cheaper than most of our designer jeans, starting around $90! Made from 100% organic cotton, Good Society’s jeans are woven on vintage shuttle looms and then are later sewn by skilled workers in India in accordance to Fair Trade regulations. Thus, these jeans really ARE good for society! They are available at RevolveClothing.com


  1. raw denim is huge i don’t understand why you don’t have a larger section on cheap mondays, nudie’s, dr. denim, etc. designer and over priced denim days are over for now, raw is in! talk more about it im sure it’ll be great for hits! good society are great!