Proof that denim companies are expanding their lines…

Rock & Republic SunglassesR&R sandals

Have you seen Rock & Republic’s new line of shoes, bags, sunglasses, and ready-to-wear? It’s proof that companies that used to just sell jeans are diversifying. Will they get away with charging prices like higher-end luxury brands such as Vuitton & Gucci?

We think the shoes are a little over the top with logos (only the afore mentioned luxury brands can get away with logos everywhere!) but we do wonder why is it that the shoes, at $285, are cheaper than the sunglasses, at $350? That seems odd.

Sidenote: We refuse to pay that much for sunglasses since we just found an awesome pair of Dior’s at Off 5th for $60! Sunglasses break way too easy to pay so much for them unless they are on sale!

Check out all the new R&R stuff at ELuxury.


  1. You hit the nail on the head on this point. I think it sort of started with Von Dutch.. from jeans to hats to everything… then the prices shot up like crazy, though they were already pricey to begin with.