Eco-friendly Jeans!

Eco Friendly Jeans Roundup by Gizmokat

Reduce your global imprint while looking hot! Might cost you a pretty penny though.

*Europe Only*
Kuyichi was founded in 2001 to introduce organic cotton and fair trade jeans wear. We were 1st for organic. Kuyichi stands apart from most other fashion brands, since we manufacture pure, organic & fair trade. We create jeans & fashion with a super cool, sexy and street wise look & feel. Put together with respect to the people we work with. It is what we call Style Conscious. A conscious approach is more real to us. Being fair. Being real. It’s our philosophy.
KUYICHI ┬╗ AW07 Denim Collection

Levi’s Eco Jeans
– These jeans are made from 100% organic cotton, grown without synthetic fertilizers or pesticides. Each element of this jean has been carefully considered & hand selected to sustain a healthier environment.

Sling & Stones
denim is made of American-grown organic Supima cotton, one of the finest and rarest natural fibers on earth. Our jeans are virtually pesticide-free, unlike the average cotton jeans which contain 27% harmful chemicals.
Daniel | Raw | Collection | Sling & Stones

Sugar Cane:
A Japanese company makes jeans out of a blend of sugar cane and selvage denim. The cane used is Sweet Sorghum, otherwise known as Sweet Millet or Sugar Millet. It’s a type of grass grown all over the world for making a molasses-like syrup and animal feed. The Sugarcane jeans that feature this fiber have a faint sweet smell and may have occasional woody tufts poking out of the fabric. Some jeans are dyed with persimmon.
Selvage Denim Jeans & Vintage Jeans and Shirts by Buzz Rickson and Sugar Cane



  1. Another great Eco-Friendly denim line is Sling and Stones
    I really love this line you can find it at they have beautiful washes and a variety of cuts and the cutest square buttons! They usually go for $290.00 per pair!