Don’t get lured to a Jeans Party!

designer denim back pockets

Have you heard about the popularity of the new “jeans parties”? They are poping up everywhere like Tupperware parties, including on many college campuses. Like purse parties, 99% of the time, they are full of knockoffs. Don’t get sucked in – no one looks good in fakes! Remember, if the price seems to good to be true, it usually is.

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    People need to be aware that knock-offs and fakes are a problem.

    Def guys don’t get sucked in by these… theyre not real!
    It’s sad but true it’s the same as “designer purse parties”
    Don’t waste your money on fake jeans they’re very ugly and a waste of money same with the designer purses yea ur saving 100 dollars but that $40.00 you just spent on your new “kate spade” knock off was a waste since those purses fall apart.

    plus knock-offs of any kinda are illegal!

  2. Fakes are NO good to anyone, the quality is appalling, the way they are cheaply made is even worse and what’s the most horrible thing is the designers are getting absolutely no credit for people buying these disgusting fake items. Nothing beats the genuine authentic items so yes we care if they are fake, fakes are in no way cute. This blog and forum is all about 100% authentic merchandise and nothing else so if you are interested in buying fakes then this place isn’t for you. Sorry to be so harsh about it but fakes are a definite NO NO.