Bodymetrics comes to London!


Have you heard about Bodymetrics yet? Bodymetrics is a company which uses laser scanning technology to create the ultimate couture clothing. How it works: you stand in the “Bodymetrics Pod,” where a laser takes hundreds of measurements of your body in just 5 seconds. The body scan is then used as a model to create perfect-fitting garments. Think about the effect this has on jeans – denim is a multi-million-dollar industry, and the hunt for the perfect jeans can drive anyone crazy. The company has teamed up with several premium denim designers to develop capsule collections of made-to-order “bespoke”, aka “Couture” jeans. Customers also have the opportunity to create their own unique designs with the exact measurements taken by the Pod scanner. The resulting pair of jeans is the ultimate in couture. We’re also thinking about the broader implications this may have on the fashion industry in general: will this change the way designers fundamentally approach tailoring and design in the near future?

Bodymetrics currently is available at Selfridges and Harrods in London.