We can already see these on the clearance rack…

Rock & Republic 5 year anniversary denim

Check out Rock & Republic’s five year anniversary jeans $350 at ELuxury. Hmmm…we normally love R&R’s jeans but these are just….well…kinda cheap looking! Is it just us or do you see these already on the clearance rack too? We definitely would NOT pay $350 for a pair of these! The back pockets are too blatantly over the top for us. We like our denim to more subtly say, “I’m expensive” by just looking hot in them without having to scream out “LOOK AT THE LOGO ON MY BUM“! We like that the normal “R” pocket logo looks just like a swooshy design to most people unless you know what they are!

They make them for men too, if you must have some. But do we really want to be the type who really wants to show off your logos quite this much?