Uggs this winter? Yes or No?

Pamela Andersen in UGGS

It’s been on our mind – can we still wear our UGGS this fall/winter or is it a fashion no-no? Check out how Pamela Anderson wears hers with her famous red bathing suit. What about with jeans, if we can still wear them – tucked in to jeans or over jeans? Thoughts?


  1. Actually, I bought my first pair of tall Uggs this year, black, with smooth skin and a chunkier sole. Can’t remember what they’re called, but they’re sweet and keep my feet warm and dry 🙂 I’ve gotten lots of compliments for them, noone believes they’re Uggs lol

  2. Uggs are AMAZING! Nobody will ever talk me into believing that they are out of style. Though they do look a little funky with a swimsuit…

  3. I love UGG’s because they are very warm and comfortable for a cold, Canadian climate. However, I would not wear them with a bathing suit LOL

  4. Uggs are The Best and i think can look right with ANY outfit However, i dont like the whole sheepskin idea it totally just makes me not even want to wear them!

  5. TOTALLY! UGGS are very comfortable and warm shoes. I honestly don’t see why people hate them so much. I have two pairs myself. Whoever hates them just leave people who have them alone!!!
    I’d NEVER wear them with a bathing suit, though.