Sling & Stones – have you tried them?

Sling & Stones

“Sling & Stones denim is made of American-grown organic Supima cotton, one of the finest and rarest natural fibers on earth. Our jeans are virtually pesticide-free, unlike the average cotton jeans which contain 27% harmful chemicals. The twill and denim are accessorized by genuine 24k gold plated hardware and zari thread, handcrafted by skilled artisans in India. The twill for our pocket bag lining is made of organic Fair Trade cotton, grown on the farms of Peru.

Our supplier programs in Peru (1) help poor farmers, who previously were forced to grow cocaine, (2) generate electricity for the nearby villages, and (3) donate proceeds back into the local communities. Fair Trade ensures workers are paid enough to care for their families, put food on the table, and send their children to school. A percentage of Sling & Stones’ profits will be used to immunize villagers in Peru, fight teen suicide in Japan, and build an orphanage and youth rehabilitation center in India.”

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