Lose the “dad” jeans, guys!

Rock & Republic Men’s Jeans

Okay, now we know designer jeans are becoming more mainstream because even guys are jumping into the craze, trading in their trusty old pair of $25 Levi’s for a $200 pair of Sevens or Rock & Republics.

Says the blog editor’s husband who can normally be found daily in a black concert t-shirt and his designer denim, “They just FEEL better and look better, my wife got me hooked. I’ll never wear anything else”. Ladies, beware, if you get your guy hooked on designer denim, this could mean fewer pairs for you depending on your budget! We are not sure if its a good thing or a bad thing that our man loves his Seven’s so much!

It’s true – everyday guys who wouldn’t normally consider themselves extremely concerned with fashion are moving towards a flattering fit that’s comfortable too. And guys, you know you love it when the girls are checking out your butt to see what kind of jeans you’ve got on! Hey, we all do that, right?!

Check out the Men’s section in the HonestMall for designer denim at discounts! Also, we love this article from BaltimoreSun.com about the trend of men loving designer denim too.

Photo courtesy Nordstrom.com


  1. You forgot to mention how women (and a good deal of men) will wanna jump your bones if ya wear R&R 😉

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